This online Database of Good Practices contains descriptions and links to practical initiatives on various topics implemented by the ETUCE member organisations. The aim of the work on good practices is to enhance the effective implementation of ETUCE policies by the ETUCE member organisations on national and regional level. This database is to be used by education trade unions as a source of inspiration and as a practical manual of tools and arguments proven successful within education trade unions and in the education sector.

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A package of measures to address gender inequalities in the teaching profession

External practice
March involving DOE in Greece
Gender pay and pension gap, Work-life balance, Vertical segregation in the teaching profession, Horizontal segregation in the teaching profession, Gender equality linked to wider societal issues (e.g. ageing, migration, political situation, religion), Gender stereotypes, Gender equality in the wider labour market
Campaign, Social dialogue negotiations on the national level, Trade union actions (e.g. demonstration, strike), Lobbying education authorities
Primary education
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