External practice


15 Years.


Institute of Women for Equal Opportunities and the Government of Spain.

Reason it was developed

In our commitment to equality, we carry out different activities in the educational field. Teacher training, didactic materials, research, workshops with students, awareness campaigns, and publications. With the Educando en Igualdad website we open a space to offer the different contributions that experts, the educational community, teachers and non-governmental organizations make in the path to equality.


The purpose of the Educating in Equality campaign is to advance towards a coeducational model that provides the necessary guidelines to: ∙ Raise awareness in the educational community about the importance of educating in equality, promoting female freedom and eliminating situations of discrimination against girls and women. ∙ Incorporate the reality of both sexes into the curriculum, promoting relationships of trust based on words and not on force. ∙ Train students in values and attitudes of equality that teach them to share life from respect, mutual recognition, autonomy and co-responsibility. ∙ Prevent violence against girls and women. ∙ Guarantee the full participation of men and women in equality throughout the educational system. ∙ Provide teachers with theoretical and practical tools for the development of a coeducational model in schools. ∙ Implement the use of a non-sexist language in educational centers. ∙ Make visible the successful practices that are carried out in terms of coeducation. ∙ Create an online network that encourages reflection and the exchange of information, materials and experiences around coeducation.


The union, the institute of women for equal opportunities and the government of Spain.


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