External practice


3 editions from 2017- 2018, 2018- 2019, and 2019- 2020. Ongoing project.


Government of Spain, Aula Intercultural (FeSP UGT), Jóvenes y Desarrollo and the Aware network, to fight against hate speech and radicalization on social media.

Reason it was developed

Hate speech on the social media.


- School workshops - Video award content - Social events including influencers associated to the project Goals: - Promote an active commitment of young people in the elimination of hate speech, which serves as the germ of a broad social movement against this type of demonstration. - Know the processes involved in the categorization (stereotypes) and undervaluation (prejudices) of groups or minorities in society and their effects. - Promote spaces for exchange to analyze professional practices and propose changes that result in a guarantee of equal treatment and non-discrimination in the field of formal and non-formal education. - Offer education professionals and other sectors materials, resources and tools for education in favor of equality - Training and support for union delegates to incorporate the principles and rights that we defend into their union function. Awareness campaign: - The #yomesumo and #dalelavuelta campaigns in order to open up the participation and commitment of young people and adolescents against hate on the networks through a video contest. Young people reflect on the hate speech present in social networks and create a video that promotes the end of this type of messages. Link to videos - Our awareness campaign includes, among other actions, collaborations with various YouTube creators in Spain who act as ambassadors for change and who use their channels to promote positive messages.


Including its third edition, the project has reached more than 80,000 young people throughout the country in the last three years, training more than 2,000 male and female educators. The students involved in the project have so far produced around 1,000 videos promoting messages of peace and tolerance to turn hate speech on social media.


Google Spain (YouTube Creators for change).


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