Attitude counts (Manifest)

Internal practice



Reason it was developed

For years, a brutalisation of language and manners (Umgangsformen) can be observed. To stop to this, is a general social task. School must counteract this and can do that. In article 1 of the German basic law (Grundgesetz) it is called: "Human dignity is inviolable. Respecting and protecting them is the duty of all state authority." We teachers see this basic consensus threatened. We are watching our society be divided and people emotionally incited. Extreme groups and individuals, especially representatives of right-wing populists and right-wing extremists, make a significant contribution to this brutality of dealings. This prepares the ground for discord, persecution and physical violence. But hatred, aggression and fear destroy community - whether in the classroom, at school or between the nations of Europe. This makes it increasingly difficult to deal with the practical and respectful controversies that we need in society and in private life. We want our children to live in a cosmopolitan society. Our children should experience and live respect, appreciation and interest for other people - regardless of their religion, their skin colour, their mother tongue and their opinions. As concerned teachers, we therefore appeal to all to protect our society from division, brutality, ruthlessness and radicalisation, thereby preserving our democracy. Let us not be intimidated and let us be self-confident and uncompromising. For our democracy: attitude matters.


The VBE (BLLV) issued a manifesto against the brutalisation of language and manners with is of high relevance to society called: “Attitude counts” for our democracy.


High media attention.




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