Collective agreement on primary teachers’ pay and conditions

External practice
Protesting for higher pay (BUPL's website)
Protesting for higher pay (BUPL's website)


Negotiated in 2018.


BUPL, KL (local government employers).

Reason it was developed

Pay differential between employees with a bachelor’s degree in a gender-segregated labour market.


Collective agreement between BUPL, other sectors with members with a bachelor’s degree and employers. BUPL collaborated with other trade unions in collective bargaining with a view to obtaining higher salaries for predominantly-female professions. BUPL also carried out a review of the primary curriculum to ensure gender equality is taken into account.


In 2018, these efforts paid off resulting in an extra two million euros for early childhood educators as well as enhanced recognition of the early childhood education profession. More ambitious collective bargaining has been announced for 2021 involving bargaining with public employers and dialogue with the Danish government.


Government, local government funding based on collective agreement.



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