Gender Ambassadors

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Gender Ambassadors Invitation
Gender Ambassadors Invitation



Reason it was developed

The union struggled to ensure that union members and activists are interested in gender issues. They used to have a working group that had regular meetings every month but was not effective.


Therefore, the union now organizes an after work party for ‘gender ambassadors. It’s an “educational” relaxation moment for activists, including a comedy show about gender stereotypes. The evenings have the following sessions and workshops: • Self defence • How to deal with sexism at workplace? • How to combine work – union – family • An exposition ‘What did you wear that day?” (it’s an exposition about rape and gender-related violence at work). The event is aimed at an activist who wants to know more about what ACV is doing on gender equality, gender stereotypes of gender related violence. Every activist can invite one extra person who is not an activist (through the so-called ‘wildcard’). This serves a trigger for recruiting new members: what is a union? Will I be a member? There is also a short gender test. Activists can discuss this test on their meeting.


The union can now contact these people and inform them about gender issues and gender equality work of the union.


Internal trade union's funding.



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