Equal pay for teachers and training for increasing in number of women in school leadership functions

External practice
VBE Programme of training workshops for 2019
VBE Programme of training workshops for 2019



Reason it was developed

Pay differentials between male and female teachers because of women’s take up of part-time work (90 % of the time, part-time contracts are held by women). Some federal states have already recognized the signs of the times: The same initial payment of all teachers is justified by the same education (including the same degree and education, same length of the preparation service). The principle of salary in the civil service is, in addition to age and experience, the qualification that the individual has achieved. It is therefore clear that those who have a university degree in public service will be recruited at grade A13 / E13. And that must finally apply to teachers at primary schools. There is no reason why a primary school teacher in the entrance office on average receives 500 euros less than a high school teacher.


The union provides training for female teachers for leadership positions and campaigns for equal pay for teachers.


The Ministry of Culture and Education had reported that it considered a nationwide coordinated approach to correct this issue.


Internal trade union's funding.


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