Diversity in the union and within the education personnel

Internal practice




Internal and external 1)to recruit more widely to positions in the union on all levels 2) and to work towards teacher education institutions on inclusion of teachers with diverse backgrounds, involving retired teachers and unionists as mentors for the teacher students

Reason it was developed

Migration impacts the education system and the labour market. Union of Education Norway should be a driving force in safeguarding the rights of newly arrived migrant children, young people and adults in the education system. It is also important to society that teachers with qualifications from their home country are able to practise their profession in Norway. Teachers with a multicultural background have experiences that are useful to the union in terms of developing both organisational policy and education policy.


1) Development of a training course for union activists on all levels in the union 2) Training of teacher students with diverse background in union work and the importance of social dialogue in the Norwegian society


The teacher students and the retired teachers and unionists find their cooperation fruitful. The teacher students learn from the retired persons things that are seldom taught


Union funding


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