EIS Guidance on Tackling Sexual Harassment in Educational Establishments

Internal practice



Reason it was developed

To provide members with advice and support in response to recent growing concerns about the prevalence of sexual harassment both for women and girls within educational establishments.


A publication highlighting the issues related to sexual harassment and the measures that can be taken to prevent and challenge it. This advice includes: · Definitions of sexual harassment in the workplace, with examples · Information on the scale of the problem · Information on the effects of sexual harassment · Information on the legal context, and on professional standards and values · Remarks on the role of unions in challenging sexual harassment and changing cultures · Information about initiatives to tackle sexual harassment · Advice for people involved in the union, at all levels further reading and information sources.


Enhanced confidence among members to report incidents of sexual harassment and among Reps in supporting members who experience it. Promotion of workplace cultures that ensure working environments are safe and free of harassment for all workers and that learning environments are secure and safe for all learners, especially girls.




United Kingdom
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