Inclusion of LGBTI teaching staff

Internal practice



Reason it was developed

To ensure that the experiences and voices of NASUWT teachers and headteachers who identify or LGBTI are central to the NASUWT policies, procedures and campaigning priorities.


Each year during the UK LGBT+ History Month (February), the NASUWT hosts a UK wide Consultation Conference event for its LGBTI members. NASUWT recognises Intersex within its terminology for LGBT+ in line with international definitions. These events have been taking place for many years over a non working/teaching day (weekend) to ensure that members are not at risk of being ‘outed’ in the workplace for attending an LGBTI event. These are part of our series of equality consultation conferences and ensures that the Union engages with those that are marginalised within the society and often at work. NASUWT LGBTI members participate and contribute to the Union’s work on policies, practices and campaigning to ensue that LGBTI issues are mainstreamed within all these activities. They also receive professional development training on specific topics and hear from key note speakers on topics relevant to tackling homo/bi/transphobia in workplaces and society.


Previous to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, these events have been held over a weekend but in 2020 and 2021 the Consultation Conferences were held virtually. This has not had a negative impact on the numbers – in fact for 2021 there was a growth in the numbers attending. Given the virtual nature of the Conference we have managed to secure high profile speakers from Government and key stakeholder organisations. The Conferences are participative so that members can engage with the speakers and raise their concerns about Government practices on LGBTI issues. The Union uses these conferences to shine a light on its internal practices to ensure there are no barriers to participation from LGBTI members and that they are empowered to take up activist roles in the Union. LGBTI Pride in the Union has been a key focus for the NASUWT. We have monitored trends of activists by their personal characteristics and there has been a rise in the activism of members from LGBTI groups. This year the LGBTI Conference and Advisory Committee has focused awareness on Intersex equality to ensure that there is inclusive language and practices around gender identity. Issues and concerns from these events have informed the Union’s campaigning and bargaining and lobbying work with employers and Governments across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Action Plans from each events and reviewed and monitored by the National Equal Opportunities Committee and reported back each year on progress.


Funding for these consultation conferences are solely provided by the NASUWT.


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