Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Educational Institutions

External practice




Government, educational authorities.

Reason it was developed

The government declared a new reform in special education which means that more children with disabilities will be integrated into regular education schools without offering the full resources needed for such inclusion - funding, training, accessibility of class environment like elevators, ramps, acoustic classes for hearing impaired students, assisting educational personnel, accessibility of learning materials and more. Teachers are in lack of resources to offer the best inclusion needed and give these students quality, equal and inclusive education. They need professional educational, social and emotional tools to deal with the unique needs of these students. They need adequate training and frameworks for social dialogue on the challenges they are facing and more.


ITU conducts an ongoing Social dialogue with the government and educational authorities in the purpose of promoting the rights of these students with disabilities to receive equal opportunities in education according to their needs. It includes campaigns, legal backup if needed, media activities and more. Teachers were back upped by the Union not to feel any forms or other required documents on this matter until the social dialogue will finish.


Expected result is the change of the Special Education Reform so it will take into consideration the needs of students and of teachers working with them in regular schools.


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