Trade unions’ actions addressing work-life balance challenges and gender pay and pension gap in the teaching profession

External practice
Solidarnosc at the Retirement Age protests
Solidarnosc at the Retirement Age protests




With the national government and employers

Reason it was developed

The actions were developed to address the challenges of work-life balance faced by the education sector staff in Poland.


The union has supported social dialogue negotiations and activities across several dimensions: • Initiatives enabling women and men to care for their small children, increase their qualifications and sustain contact with their workplace at the same time; • Introducing different types of work organisation and non-standard forms of employment, including for example, introducing remote working in the new Polish labour law; code • Supporting changes to the retirement age, which previously was 60 years for women and 65 years for men and is currently equalised for both men and women to be at the age of 65.


The changes have affected positively the work-life balance of the education sector staff. They have been enabled by the willingness of the government to adopt changes in the legislation regulating the working conditions and pension provisions.


The changes have been funded from the national budget for education sector.

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